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Top Return on Remodel Item?

What would you guess to be the top return on home improvement dollars spent?

I have incorrectly stated for years: “a kitchen improvement gives you the highest return of added value for your remodel dollar”.

While it typically adds 80 – 83% of your remodel dollar-to-value, there is an inexpensive improvement which gets an even higher return – almost 100%!  Hint: a contributor to curbside appeal.

Take a look at this article (see the list at the bottom) and you may be as surprised as I was.  I’m assuming the photo above hasn’t helped you figure it out already.  It is still an eyebrow raiser for me.  It’s also motivating because I can redo our front door out of  ”pocket change” vs influencing the national debt for a full-on kitchen do over.

BTW: there was a secondary point made in the article which should be self evident: a $75,000 kitchen remodel on a $100,000 house does not make sense.

What have you done before sale which gave you the best return?

INCREASING Home Values! Here!

And the winner of the highest appreciation of home values in the United States is: San Jose, CA!

Of course, Morgan Hill, Gilroy and Hollister home values followed in the same direction, as they always do.

The GOOD NEWS in this article is believable when you see the actual single family home value appreciation from 2009 to 2010:

San Jose’s average single family home value ROSE 11.5%.

Morgan Hill’s average value INCREASED 4.5%.

Gilroy homes saw the values RISE 6.8%.

Homes in Hollister enjoyed a healthy JUMP of 11.3% in values!

So, those of you who have been waiting to buy a home may want to take advantage of the incrediblely low interest rates and go buy a home.  Their values have come off the bottom of value slide and are beginning to increase.

You homeowners who have been waiting for values to come back so you can refinance should e-mail or call me.  I will research your home’s current value for you.

2011 is going to be an exciting year – IN OUR AWESOME AREA!  What do you think?

(data source: MLSListings)

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Gilroy Home Value Trend

We have all watched the sales prices of homes drop over the last 3 years.  The question is: Will that slide continue?

Single family home values in Gilroy dropped by 35.5% from 2007 to 2008.  In 2009 they fell another 18.4% . Townhomes values have likewise dropped: 38.5% from 2007 to 2008 and 29.5% from 2008 to 2009. 

The average sales price of Gilroy homes in 2007 was $796,676.  In 2008 it was $513,913, and $419,228 was the average sales price for 2009.

Townhome sales show a similar pattern: their average sales price was $426,627 in 2007, $262,566 in 2008, and $185,070 in 2009.

However, it appears that the value slide has hit bottom.  A closer look at 2009 average values suggests that we may have bottomed out in 9/09 and are beginning to see a rebound in both single family residence and townhome values.

Morgan Hill & Hollister home and townhomes reflect a similar trend in values although the downward adjustments in value are more dramatic as you go south to Hollister.

(Data: MLSListings)

Morgan Hill Sales and Prices Up

The Morgan Hill housing market is beginning to show some promising signs: The Closed Sales-to-New Listings-Ratio (CS:NL) rose nicely to 89.2% in June from 51.5% in May.  June’s ratio nearly doubled 6/08′s of 47.2%.  As you would expect Morgan Hill’s Average Sales Price (ASP) also rose in June, up 10.2% from May. However, the ASP of $614,500 is down 31.5% from last year’s average of $898,200 in June.

The best hint of what’s to come is the nice increases in CS:NL.  As that indicator continues to increase the ASP is bound to go up.

Next door: Gilroy’s activity seems to be headed in the right direction.  While June’s CS:NL ratio dropped slightly from May to June, June’s ratio nearly doubled over last year’s figures.  The Average Gilroy Sales Price was lower in June than May by 3.8% and down 32.5% from a year ago.  Stay tuned however.

As I update these ’09 figures I predict an increase in ASP in both Morgan Hill and Gilroy.

For your own study of the actual Multiple Listing Service figures go onto “Client Portfolio” on the navigation bar.  There you can see a great deal of real-time data.  Enjoy.